Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Hottie

Here's another excuse for me to continuously fuck with the good fortune lady who has made it that Nick Schommer has not sought legal actions against me yet, and I'd like to give a shout out to Nick, as it is his 25th birthday today. Happy birthday, Nick. I'm still open to hanging out in Tennessee on Friday. I'm totally just throwing it out there...I'm pretty sure I gave your brother my cell phone number, know...just let me know. I'm on Facebook, too. I think you figured that out know...just let me know...


Ugh, fine. Happy birthday, Nick, You're fucking hot as shit and I hope if it's not me, you're at least banging an equally hot chick for your 25th. And if not, SERIOUSLY...


  1. Dude should be flattered.

  2. Dude is stupid if he doesn't take you up on your offer girl!!!
    Go to TN and put that NY booty to work & make him wish he turned 25 every week...

    ps glad there's still no restraining order! :))

  3. Since the season just ended and the Titans aren't headed to the playoffs, he'll have more time on his hands to hit you up. I'd expect a call soon. :P

  4. p.s. he's a totally babe and kinda looks like Joaquin Phoenix who I'd definitely stalk and/or bang (repeatedly)