Friday, January 7, 2011

If This Doesn't Qualify Me as the World's Shadiest Jersey Chaser...

Someone asked me to see my Jeff Tambellini bobblehead doll. I shit you not, I got it at a Bridgeport Sound Tigers game (for free, you fuckers, I wouldn't have paid money for this shit), and it's been sitting in my TV room for about two years. My mom thinks it's the NHL guy I used to fuck on the regular, which is funny. She tends to tell guests "Stef used to date this boy". I'm sure her friends and boyfriend are super impressed that the guy I used to bang on the reg has his own bobblehead, even though it's not really the guy I used to bang. Semantics. And you people wonder if my mom has an issue with the blog? She brags about her daughter banging a guy with a bobblehead likeness, when it's NOT EVEN THE RIGHT GUY.


1 comment:

  1. I totally hope that having a bobblehead is good luck... Mark Sanchez (NYJ) is sitting by my bed! and I'm still on the hunt for a Brad Richards (Dallas Stars)... :))