Monday, January 17, 2011

An Impossible Feet

Holler at the Jets. Tom Brady is at home with Giselle right now listening to "One Less Lonely Girl" (yeah, I don't know why I know the title of Justin Bieber songs either) and weeping into her VS angel wings. And Rex Ryan is foot fucking his wife in a victory celebration! Jokes on you, Wes Welker! Rex Ryan has more sex than you, THUS he wins more games. Simple mathematical logic.

I just got home from work and I'm wrecked (tired, not drunk. I wish), so I'm hittin' the sac, praying for a day off tomorrow so I can annoy you guys all day with my bitching and complaining and stories.

Night all.


  1. Ha!! I once read an article where Gisele said that when Tom loses a regular season game, he doesn't talk all Sunday when he gets home and she doesn't try and talk to him either, so he likely is rocking out to Bieber since he lost a playoff everyone expected him to win and "hates" the Jets! Besides, dude is married to Gisele and already has three Super Bowl Rings. Now, the Jets HAVE to take down Pittsburgh.

  2. Tom Brady can suck it! GO JETS!!! Hit the 'Burg and don't stop till you land @ DFW Intl Airport... Hell if Sanchez needs a ride his fine ass can call me... :))