Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration or Embarrassment?

Seriously....I mean, I might not be the fucking second coming of Oscar Wilde (I don't drink nearly enough), but how in God's name this oompa loompa bitch has a NYT Best Seller, and I'm still waiting on my proposal, is beyond me.

Again, inspiration because if this bitch can do it, there is no shot in hell I can't? Or embarrassment that this fucking walking Halloween themed Oreo had no problem doing it and I've had to work my ass off to get this far?

Ugh. Who knew she could even read?


  1. I was surprised when I heard she wrote (yea right) a book. So my shock is about as great as yours that it went on the list! There is actually a chance in hell that you and I both will get published! That's gonna fucking rule! lol

  2. Don't be too mad. She had a ghostwriter so she didn't do the work herself!

  3. Yesterday on Entertainment Weekly, there was a link about Jodi Picoult (who I don't read but is a super successful author) going on a rant about Snooki and how qualified, talented authors can't even get published. As Stacey said, she had a ghostwriter and "celebrities" (Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton et al.) have "written" books while riding high on their celebrity. Hang in there!