Monday, January 3, 2011

Knowledge is Power

I got an e-mail asking if the guys I write about on here know the situation about everything. I thought I covered this a while ago, but I guess not.

Since I didn't drop names, nor do I have any intention of doing so, I didn't give the guys a heads up about the Brobible article, or the blog, or the impending book. I mean, a few know about the book. Soccer hottie knows about the book. Ex laxer knows kind of about the book but not the part where he is included. Uhh. Yeah.

Since the blog's gone up nearly two months ago, it's gotten around. I mean, all of my laxer buds from college knew it was me, heard about it, read about it. So I find it incredibly hard to believe my laxer ex-boyfriend didn't get wind of it as well. Whether he just doesn't give a shit or wants to stay out of the spotlight or trusts that I'm not going to give away all his dirty bad habits and asshole ways (which I probably won't because they aren't super interesting), I don't know. But I also blocked him on Facebook because I don't deal with confrontation well, and I didn't want him to send me nasty messages or anything. But if he doesn't know about this, I'd be surprised. I think he just doesn't care. He has his own life going on, his ex-girlfriend's ramblings won't make a difference which is cool.

Hockey guy...ugh. So, he got called out a WHILE ago for it, but then the name got taken down whatever site it was on....but I don't know if he actually knows about anything either. Mind you, he's Canadian and there's a strong, STRONG possibility he's illiterate (kidding but kind of serious). I also unfriended him on Facebook to protect him when the shady stalkers decended. I kind of miss stalking his Canadian musings and weird as fuck pictures, but...he's still friends with all my friends so I can stalk by association. Anyway, he hasn't said anything but he's not a confrontational guy and to be honest, I think he'd be flattered more than anything that someone's talking about him. He's a good kid, I don't think he cares if he knows.

The soccer boys....eee, here's a tough spot. So soccer hottie knows most of the situation. He knows I was Alan Colmes last week, we talked about how cool it was that I'm doing all this, blah blah, he randomly calls me Mark Twain every now and he knows the drill. However, I don't know if he knows the extent of it. That's something I'm going to have to tackle if/when I see him at the end of January, and trust me, I'm kind of terrified. But I think he knows, I think he's seen a lot of what has been said, and he doesn't give a shit, to my knowledge, which is awesome. I think he also knows I'd never fuck him over or embarrass him on any level, so all the stories he's involved in are good natured and whatever. The other guys, I don't know if they know. My MLS guys never bring it up, and I choose to the do the same. Soccer kid probably has no idea, and I don't think he'd acknowledge it if he did since we haven't talked in like, oh, 8 months? My soccer friends may or may not know, again, I don't bring it up and they don't either, but if they do know, they seem to be cool with it.

Baseball ex? No idea if he knows, but I know he will be the first one to bring a fucking law suit in any way shape or form if he thinks it's possible. He and I don't talk at all anymore, he's all married and whatever, so I am going to keep that on silent for now. My other baseball hookups and friends? They know about the blog, I've talked to them about it, asked them to do pieces for it...they don't care about it at that's good.

Here's the thing, so many of these guys already get chatted about on the internets, that they don't pay attention. So I feel like my blog is in that same like...atmosphere of ignoring it. I haven't lost any friends, if that's any consideration. No one's screamed at me, no one's told me I was a bitch for doing it, dudes still wanna hang and chill and I still get 3am drunk texts from a lot of them (holler). So right now, I feel like I've passed a huge hurdle in the sense if they were going to give a shit, it was when this got bigger back in November. Now, it is what it is. The interest in a lot of the names has thankfully passed.

We'll see what happens if and when things start to get bigger. Again, I think that whole tense period of wondering what I can get away with saying and what I can't has passed and I feel way more confident now. I'm still cool with all these guys, to my knowledge.

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  1. So, Baseball dude sounds uptight while soccer dudes sound chillaxed. Somehow, that completely seems to fit.