Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Name the Ten Other Guys".

Seriously? For Mel, the 10 other guys I'd rather date over soccer hottie (mainly based on talent and looks alone). Here's the thing - SH is totally fucking hot, will never ever deny it. But typically, I go for the lame, "all American guy" look, which SH does not possess (good thing and a bad thing at the same time). I have a thing for guy swho look like, straight off the farm and out of the show Friday Night Lights. I think that's why I don't think guys like Ronaldo are hot. I like down home Amaerican/Canadian guys who look kind of...relaxed or...approachable? I dunno. Like, guys who look like they were probably popular and the QB in high school and have an adorabl smile that your mom would TOTALLY want you to date. Brandon Morrow and John Hester stick out in my mind here, and Robbie Rogers also has that preppy all American "I look like a Kennedy" thing...You'll see what I'm talking about...

Nick Schommer (duh). Not even a question, I would totally date this guy just to stare at him every day.

Phil Hughes...He just looks so fucking hot on the mound. So many innuendoes...

Brandon Morrow...if I ever become famous, ose five pounds and have money to spend on stylish clothes, he is the first person I am hitting up/stalking.

The laxer dude I've been battling the weather to go out to dinner with

Ryan Gosling (not an athlete but he still counts as someone I'd date over soccer hottie)

Andrew MacDonald (controversial choice but possibly true. There's a backstory here, I swear this isn't as random as it seems.)

Robbie Rogers (um, this might be a possible lie, if it came down to him and SH, but I'd definitely consider RR)

Ryan Kesler (not as hot as SH but still, I'd def take him over SH, if he weren't married)

John Hester (I am the only fan this kid has, seriously.)

Eddie Cahill, The dude who played Jim Craig in the movie Miracle. Again, not a legitimate athlete, but a true story none the less. Now he's on like, CSI or something and he cut his hair, which is tragic, but yeah, this wouldn't even be a question, sorry SH.


  1. Disagree with Kesler. He was such a douche during the Olympics. Replace him with Lundqvist..the guy was in Vogue and knows how to wear a suit like no other athlete Ive ever seen. I had to change my underwear after seeing him at the All Star

  2. Fair with Lundqvist, I just really have issues with the Rangers...

  3. Ya they have a lot of douche guys...but this girl has a soft spot for suits and god he can wear one well!! lol

  4. Umm, I TOTALLY agree with Kesler;P

  5. oooh John Hester is cute.
    SH is very attractive and is hotter than some of these guys. But compared to SH, they have very different looks so you almost can't really compare.