Friday, January 14, 2011

NEw England Mind Fuck

I already did a post on Rex Ryan's interest in podiatry with his lady wife, but I found this story pretty entertaining.

There's been a clip of a press conference Q&A with Wes Welker, a wide receiver for the NE Patriots, circulating the internets. In 9 minutes, dude apparently referenced feet 10 times. Coincidence? Mind fuck? Limited knowledge of other cliche phrases for "putting your best foot forward"? You decide.

I mean, could be a total coincidence. Dude doesn't seem like a thesaurus for cliche foot phrases, but still, just the fact that people picked up on it means Rex Ryan probably did too. And if he didn't, he sure is hearing about it now.

But foot soldiers? Is this dude watching reruns of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles circa 1986? I mean, who the fuck would reference foot soldiers?

Still, I'm not into knocking Rex and his wife. Having a seriously kinky sex life with a woman you're married to? That's a new one for the books when it comes to most athletes/former athletes. He's changing the game all by himself (and with his lady wife's feet) and I don't think he necessarily should be made fun of. Mark Sanchez should get up and do a Q&A and try to reference hair follicles or hair transplant surgery a couple times and fuck Tom Brady up. Or Bieber. Discuss the Biebs. Or even better, get Landon Donovan to help you! I bet he knows a lot about how to insult a guy about sensitive hair!

Fuck New England. I'm not a huge Jets fan, but I am anti-anything that people from Boston cheer for. Go Jets!


  1. ahh thanks Stef! and GO JETS indeed!
    fuck Tom Brady and his Bieber hair lol

  2. I guess Rex Ryan got the last laugh tonight.