Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Video That Makes Larry Seem Adorable

This may be the only time I ever refer to Landon Donovan as adorable...but my friend posted this on my Facebook yesterday and I've watched it like, 47 times just to relive his initial facial expression when the guy asks him if the US team plans to do anything as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Like, you can see it in his face, that he wants to start laughing and be like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" to the Frenchie asking the world's most retarded question, but instead he has to like compose himself so he doesn't offend MJ fans. I LOVE IT.


  1. Out of all the USMNT dudes, Larry is the one who'll have big scandals. Already had a bastard-with-a-random scandal, probably only a matter of time before something else comes up. Any guy who has multiple FB profiles and multiple cell phones is likely up to no good, amiright? Friends have met him, 4/5 say he's a d-bag, but I guess he's nice to kids/fans.

    But yes, this video is funny. :D

  2. he did handle this dumb ass question with care as to not offend anyone... WTG Larry!!!

    I don't know whether he's a dbag or not b/c I don't know him but he's cuter in this vid than I remember from other photos and tv