Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey kids-

Been a weird week, eh? Proposal is still with my literary agent so, as soon as I know, you know.

Got an e-mail asking me which athletes had the best personalities/were most fun to hang out with. Obviously without giving names, I like this question.

Sadly, the most fun I probably ever had with an athlete may have been with my ex laxer boyfriend. I think we got on really well in our relationship (maybe not so much after), but we did a ton of fun shit together, and I was pretty comfortable with him. He was charming. Could be a little bit of a dbag and was a huge fucking flirt, but overall, I liked being around him the best, but that's bias because we dated. I remember one time we were fighting about something when I was visiting him at school, and we had just gone to Johnny Rockets and gotten milk shakes (this was pre-nutrisystem for those who follow), and he was yelling at me because I spilled the milkshake when I got out of the car, and midway through his like, self righteous reprimand about me not being careful, the top burst off of his and volcano-like exploded all over him. He stopped dead in his tracks and I think I had trouble breathing because we were laughing so hard. So yeah, he was pretty decent at the time. I don't think he is a great representation of all laxers, but...he kinda has his own place in this story.

Soccer hottie was a huge dick the first like, two hours we hung out in Europe. I actually wanted to hit him a few times when we first went for beers. He came off as cocky, condescending and like, "so over it". And then I had busted out some sports knowledge and gave him the old "soccer isn't that cool in America so stop being all up on your fucking self" talk and we clicked after that. And to be honest, now he's one of my favorites to hang out with. I also get along really well with two of his teammates who we've hung out with before, really awesome guys so when his friends and my friends get together, it's a fucking awesome time. Once he got off his fucking high horse, he was suddenly really chill and easy to be around, and he has a fucking great sense of humor. I have had some really awesome, awesome times with soccer guys. I do love being around soccer hottie, even with clothes on.

Hockey guys are raging alcoholics. So I mean, I definitely had some good times with those boys, I just don't remember a whole fucking lot of it. Hockey guys also seem to have serious feelings, so I've had a hockey guy once show actual concern about something in my life (albeit at 5 in the morning after we had gotten in a big fight), so I think they have maybe the sweetest (gay term) personalities. I think that's also the reason I put them in the "most unlikely to fuck someone who isn't their gf" category. A lot of them are small town guys who like, still go to church (my NHLer was like that) and I think they all are raised to settle down eventually. They were the most modest, and that was pretty fuckin' cool, being around a guy who was super talented on the ice but not a total prick off.

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  1. Now you need to tell us which are the worst to hang out with.