Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Question of the Day

Delilah (this was def. a fake name) e-mailed me and asked me who the hottest athlete I've ever fucked/hooked up with has been.

Clearly no names will be given. Duh. But the ranking is very very simple in my mind.

Soccer hottie will forever take the cake, because I'm a sucker and I happen to think he is amazingly fucking studly. And it's not just his looks, his overall personality and attitude make him pretty fucking attractive, though when I first hung out with him I thought he was a total dick. His body alone would make him qualify for this post. But it helps that he's all around hot. Shit changed in terms of what I think about him and his personality as now he's one of my favorite text buddies, and I think most of my friends would agree (actually...maybe not though) that he's probably the most stereotypically good looking guy I've banged.

Another soccer guy comes in second based on looks. Kid is just a really fucking hot guy and it was worth it just to get to stare at him for a while. I wasn't super sexually attracted to him, mainly because he was kind of a rebounder and the situation was so fucking...awkward and weird, but he really is a fucking hottie and it's a fuck I can brag about proudly.

My ex-laxer was pretty hot, even if he was a chubster. I found him to be the al American guy type, total prep that rocked the shit out of Vineyard Vines and he had amazing, amazing, AMAZING hair. Seriously, if we ever had kids, I would NOT have an abortion simply to revel in our illegitimate bastard child's hair.

Those would be my top three. I mean, if Nick Schommer mans up and gives me a call, I'll totally put him in the runnings but....dude must have lost my number somewhere, I dunno...

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