Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Question of the Day

Jen e-mailed and asked if I was in a sorority in college and if so which one.

I was, for like, a semester. Then I realized how much I hated getting dressed up in business casual outfits to eat a cheap shitty dinner with 120 girls on Monday nights after 7 hours of class, so I dropped. But at Maryland, I was in Kappa Alpha Theta. I feel like they may or may not sue me for mentioning this? Fuck 'em.

"The Big Three" when I was at Maryland (oh my God, even saying that makes me feel so fucking old, Jesus) were Tri Delt (Delta Delta Delta), KD (Kappa Delta) and Theta (Kappa Alpha Theta). I dunno if it's still the same, but I'd imagine not that much has changed in three years. Somehow, I got into a top three sorority. I think the whole "I work with the men's lacrosse team" was a huge helper when I was going through rush. God knows it wasn't my fashion sense back when I was 19. I wore button downs and skirts to the bar.

Greek life was not my thing. It works for a lot of girls, but I'm one of those "have a handful of good chickie friends" and that's it. Trying to memorize like, 120 girls names, plus alums, fuck. I had enough issues remembering guys on the lax team and their numbers during games. My best friends were the same way, even though they were in different houses. We were just like, too lazy to give a shit or even pretend to give a shit. Plus, $1,050 per semester, those were my dues back in 2005. The fuck has that kind of money when they're in college? We all eventually dropped by junior and senior year. We were antisocial idiots who preferred hanging out at Bentley's with the laxers and soccer players. And if I wanted to go to Greek life functions like dateds and formals, I'd hit up my buddies in Lambda Chi Alpha. Or I'd just show up at the bar, I mean, seriously, College Park has like 4 bars.

But yeah, I did an article for my school paper when I was a columnist about how much I disliked Greek life and I lost like 70 friends on Facebook that day.

KAPPA Alpha Theta
Kappa ALPHA Theta
Kappa Alpha THETA.

Also, I can still recite the Greek alphabet thanks to one very, very, very long night before I was initiated where it took me literally like, 42 tries to get it right while a girl yelled at me. I was like Alpha....Beta.....G....NO START START OVER.

So yeah. Holler at a former sorority girl. I still have all the shirts and I used to wear them to the gym all the time when I actually went to the gym.


  1. I wasn't in to that shit either. The girls were just a bit too goody goody for my taste. Plus I had my kickass GFs from HS to hang with and they were always more fun! I did steal some frat tees from cute boys, b/c as you can attest, they were more comfy to sleep in. lol

  2. hahah! i did the same thing...i dropped after a year and a half. i couldn't deal with bitches my age telling me what to do. but i can still recite the damn greek alphabet too... alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omicron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega. and think how much more valuable information could utilize that portion of my brain. lol

  3. Did the sorority thing my freshman year of college then transferred to a different school. Honestly, it wasn't my scene. The pledging/hazing was bad enough, but feeling like you "had" to only be friends with these girls was the worst part. I was a "legacy" - my mom was in same sorority at same school, so I felt obligated. Wouldn't say it's necessarily a bad thing, just not for me.