Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Question of the Day

Deb e-mailed me and asked if I have ever been in love with any of the athletes I've banged.

Twoish. I dated my baseball guy for almost three years, and I loved him. Don't think I was necessarily "in love" with him, but I loved him and care about him. I was definitely in love with his uniform, though.

Laxer I was head over heels for. I adored him, and we had a pretty solid relationship. I loved him.

Other than that? Nah. Love and sex don't have to go hand in hand in my book. You can love someone without wanting to have sex (the sad case of my ex baseballer) and you can certainly have sex without loving someone (every other dude I've ever basically banged.)

A lot of these guys have been my friends and still are my friends and I care about them, but love is a tricky word I opt not to throw around too often. But yeah, sometimes their jockstrap laden peens get the best of my heart and I show human emotions. Hard to believe, I know. Fuck off.

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