Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Question(s) of the Day

So clearly I haven't had a random question of the day in a while, since I've been lazy and in writing mode and I thought I'd go through my inbox and find some good questions, most of which have NOTHING to do with jersey chasing (which is why I find them pretty comical) and throw some of my own in there as well....

Basically, as much as I love conducting interviews (ask any guy I've ever been on a date with), I also love giving them. I'm egotistical like that.

Here we go!

Biggest guilty pleasure - I know you fuckers are all expecting me to say like, The Jersey Shore or something, but no. College acapella is definitely one of them, though. Totally obsessed with the UVA Hullabahoos (sorry UM Treble Makers, just not as good). I spend a good part of my day on Youtube watching college acapella vids. Um, otherwise, reruns of The Gilmore Girls, and anything that has garlic in it.

Bar you'd most likely find me in in NYC - Brother Jimmy's, most likely the Murray Hill one. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of the fratastic scene at Joshua Tree (80's music, come on), and most bars in the W. Village.

Athlete I hate the most - Mark McGuire - tarnished baseball in a serious way. Tim Wakefield - has made me cry on several occasions. Sean Avery - dude is a huge dick.

First concert I ever went to - Billy Joel. I was in 6th grade, and I stuffed my bra because my older sister was taking me and I wanted to look older. It didn't work.

Favorite thing about living in New York - the baseball, the bars, my ability to tip well, summertime, being able to say 'I live in New York'. Direct flights from JFK and La Guardia.

Worst thing about living in New York - The month of December, tourists, dealing with people who don't live in New York, the housing prices, dudes who work at Barclays Capital.

Worst first date - the one where the dude asked me if I had ever been in a threesome (no, surprisingly this was not Soccer Hottie), then got me lit and bribed me back to his place by way of food ("I live right by the Seinfeld diner, let's get some burgers"), then tried to get me to have sex with him. I didn't (which seriously says a lot). I left in the middle of the night and stole a box of cookies he had on his counter because it was like 4 in the morning and I knew that nothing at Penn Station would be open. Never spoke to that poor fucker again.

Best first date - any that revolved around McSorley's (there's three in that category, all have been fantastically drunk and hilarious).

What I miss most about being in a relationship - constant sex? No, just kidding, I get that anyway. HA. No, um, probably sleeping with someone in a non-sexual way. I feel very comfortable having someone in the bed with me, and nights when I'm home, if I'm having a very rough day or am upset about something, I still crawl in with my mother like a four year old. But yeah, probably having someone to sleep with.

What I will miss most about being single (if and when anyone ever decides to fucking date me) - Drama free situations? Not getting jealous? Not being paranoid? I mean, lots of things. Chasing the jersey, a huge one. Not going "oh I totally slept with him!" when someone comes on ESPN? I dunno.

Person I'd love to debate with about the shit I do - Bill O'Reilly. Would love to hear what he has to say about me. Otherwise, would love to do Bill Maher or Jon Stewart.

Seriously, I'd bang any of these dudes. Gay, straight, I'd bang any of 'em.


  1. I'd "do" Maher & Stewart too!


    you wouldn't? lol

  2. Have you ever had a run in with Avery. I applaud him for calling out Cuthbert as a puck fuck cause Ive heard stories from my NHL buddies that there are more guys then Just him and Phaneuf aka the Geico cavemen but seriously guy is just a douche

  3. I go to UVa, and I am also in love with the Hullabahoos. I can assure you that to the best of my knowledge they are all straight, and I have fucked one of them. So worth it.