Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weather Delays

Just got home from work, and am constructing a massive plan to work my date in around this impending nor'easter. If you knew the lengths I was going to in order to go out for fucking bar food with this dude, you'd be embarrassed for me. I'm embarrassed for me.

And I know he's going to bail. I'm going to lug a fucking suitcase into the city tomorrow and sleep at my friends apartment and get stuck there for 14 hours on Wednesday to have him say "hey, today's not looking good". Mark my words people. I'm about to be a typical girl, and I am going to get punished for doing so. Big time.

And then I'm coming back and booking my God damn flight to London for next week and reminding myself why I fuck around with athletes and enjoy no strings attached. This may or may not legitimately happen, my little trip to London, pending monetary issues and the book issues.

Anyway, once I'm situated - either in my buddy's studio or back home snow plowed in, I'll post some new stories. 'Til then, when your local news station posts video of some random brunette violently attacking snow drifts in NYC and doing a whole story about people going batshit crazy because of the weather, you can point to the TV and go "I TOTALLY REAL THAT PSYCHO'S BLOG". Get excited.

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