Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Update

Here's a question for the probably 10 loyal readers I have that would spend money on my books. Thoughts on Kindle editions and e-books? Because that's currently an option at the moment.

Obviously Kensington blows. Not in the mood to elaborate, just take my word. Still waiting to hear back from St. Martin's but am looking into publishing via Amazon with Kindle. Cheaper for you guys, easier for me. Plus, I can design my own cover which automatically makes me happy.

There are two other options I've been mulling over with my literary agent, and we'll get to those later, but for now I've been focusing on the e-book sitch.



  1. Kindle/e-books is the direct to video of the book world. Thats not the end of the world, it gets the the book out there, and the other stuff you mention that will make you happy, but its not the ideal. Plus, I would hope you have another book ready to go - don't give up on being a career author.

    Just one thing - if they tell you, "if it does really well on kindle, then we can tell that to the publishers and it will make the book more attractive to have actual positive sales" - thats not always true. A publisher can assume all the sales have already been eaten up through kindle sales.

  2. I think Kindle editions and ebooks are great. Amazon said that last year, book for book, Kindle editions outsold their traditional print books 15 to 1 i.e. for every 100 print copies of Harry Potter, 115 Kindle editions were sold. Have you/your agent contacted e-publishers for the book? Or are you considering self-publishing via Amazon? Self-publishing, IMO, has a lot of drawbacks. For one thing, if it hasn't been professionally edited, when it hits the market, a lot of people will notice and remark on it. Not the end of the world, but something to consider.

    Most smaller, independent publishers publish both books in ebook and print so long as the word count exceeds 65,000 (I'm not sure how long your MS is). Email me if you want to discuss this more.

  3. I'm not sure I posted my prior comment. So, here goes again. A couple of thoughts-take them for what they're worth.

    Self-publishing via Kindle is different from publishing through a publisher as an ebook or otherwise. Personally, few publishers/reviewers/authors etc. take self-published authors seriously as writers, right or wrong. A lot of the problems come in with the fact that self-published often means the author didn't engage a professional editor to edit the MS before it was published as a book. Consequently, self-published works are not taken seriously by readers or the industry. That doesn't mean your book wouldn't be successful (however you define that).

    Have you or your LA shopped your proposal and MS to smaller, independent publishers? A lot of small publishers publish books in both traditional print and ebook if the word count exceeds 65,000. These books go through the same editing process (substance and content, line-edits, copy-edits, etc.) as any other books produced by a traditional NY publisher (Penquin, Random House, St. Martins Press, Harper Collins, etc.). They're available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Email me if you want to discuss this more.

    So, long way of saying, I don't know that you should consider self-publishing until every single possible publisher has turned down your book. Good luck whatever you decide.

  4. I do keep a lot of ebooks on my iphone for when i'm stuck somewhere and wanting to read. But I do really like have the book in my hands and being able to hold it as opposed to the fine typing on a ebook

  5. I don't have (and really don't want) a Kindle, but I would download an e-book to read on my laptop. I guess I'm old fashioned in that I like an actual paper book in my hands. But it's definitely an appealing option for you!

  6. Mmmm, it's a good idea but for some unexplainable reason I'm more inclined to buy a book than ebook.

  7. for the techie whore in me I would love the ebook/Kindle version... but b/c you have made me laugh till my sides hurt w/ some of your writing, I'd be willing to put out some hard earned cash for a hardback version... yea I love your ass that much! lol