Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chasing the Jersey - You're CHEATING

Stole this one from The Jersey Chaser. Kelleher International is a high end dating service that now provides matchmaking opportunities for athletes. One client listed is Terrell Owens (tempting, right?). Apparently athletes get tired of the jersey chasers too and want to find a soul mate via some old Jewish lady. The cost can be anywhere between 25k and 150k, but I guess it's better to spend that money on a date you can then claim as consensual than a date that might go screaming rape for a lawsuit. Just sayin'...

Anyway, to me, this takes all the fucking fun out of it. Plus, you don't get to pick the athletes you chase. Some random woman does. And if that shit is anything like Millionaire Matchmaker, who the FUCK is going to sign up for it? Have you guys ever seen the episode of the fat chick who just wants to fuck the "hot" guy and she gives him a handjob under the table and offers him a Mazerati? Best episode ever.

Anyway, for you lazy chasers who don't know how to seriously utilize Facebook, I guess you can sign up and let me know how it goes. But I prefer the old fashion "oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else" Facebook message approach. I've had much success with that and I'm not about to change my old school ways, thank you very much. I don't let my mother send me out on blind dates, and I'm not about to let this company do it.

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