Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feliz aniversário Fucker!

Would like to send a little birthday shout out to Chrstiano Ronaldo. Dude turned 26 today, which in soccer years is like 33. I thought we'd celebrate by posting some of the best pictures I could find of his pretty, questionable mug.

This outfit screams "I like to bang vagina", non? Dude looks like the crippled love child of Elton John and Agadore from the movie The Bird Cage.

I'm pretty sure I have that same top...and those same that same size....

I will never fault him for wearing the short short bathing suit trunks, because I do find these attractive on the right type of guy/body...but just as a gay best owns three pairs.

Was never a fan of the mullet/rat tail thing he had going on.

Take away the earrings and this picture he looks bangable. I'd do it just for the body. Have you fuckers ever been with a dude with a body like that? It's insanely awesome.

Kid can rock a tux as well, but those fucking earrings are so STUPID I don't care how much they are worth, Jesus.

The best picture I think I have of him looking heterosexual. He looks good in Red. Sans earrings.

See, he doesn't just pose in gay fetish website outfits....he also sometimes plays soccer.

POssibly checking to see if his dick fell off after he allegedly banged paris Hilton? Yep, still there. I think.

I'm a pretty biiiiirdy.

Or an ostrich....


  1. i dont laugh out loud a lot but the birdy comment and picture caused me to scare my cat... thanks!