Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The GF Stalker

Before I go to work, I'l also address the girlfriend stalker situation. For anyone who doesn't use e-blogger, when I sign into my blog I can see my stats. How many hits I get in a two hour time frame, where the posts come from, what people search to get to my blog, and the links they use (ie, Google, Google Canada, Google UK, Bing, etc.).

Last week at a very RANDOM hour of the evening I got a LOT of hits using a specific search term that I was surprised at. Dude's name, my name, jersey chaser. All in Google. From a specific location's Google source. I got 43 hits in two hours from that location, which is a fair amount particularly at that time of day. And 10 of those searches came from that combination of words.

No angry e-mails or anything of the sort...but I have a feeling someone was just made very aware of their boyfriend/husband's bad behavior. I found it kind of hilarious.

So yeah, not as dramatic as it appears, but definitely pretty telling.

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  1. Yikes! That's kinda creepy! Is the name of the guy someone you know or have been with?