Thursday, February 17, 2011

HELLO, and WELCOME to AOL Movie Phone...

Seriously, I'm so bad with subject titles. You should have seen the chapter names in my original proposal before my literary agent edited it. He was like "uh, 5 year olds are more creative".

Anyway, as an add in while I sit at work and chug 5 hour energy drinks and watch Glee (my life is seriously amazing), these are my top three sports related movies.

1.) 61*. Billy Crystal did every Yankee fan proud with this one. The casting was awesome, and the cinematography was perfect. I think it did a fabulous job of capturing 1960's New York Baseball. Also, it made me visually very happy that I was not a jersey chaser born in that era. Pointy unpadded bras and hip-emphasizing dresses would have made my life way harder. Also, my hair doesn't hold curls, so I would have been an outcast.

2.) Miracle. The fact that Disney made a movie about hockey and managed to make it great without even cursing is SHOCKING. Watching this movie, to me, is like watching a legit game. Also, every guy in this movie is hot, even the weirdo who plays Eruzzione. So I'll watch it and suddenly go stalk rosters and be like WHY DOESN'T EVERY HOCKEY PLAYER LOOK LIKE JACK O'CALLAHAN AND JIM CRAIG FROM MIRACLE? Also, I still fast forward when Ralph Cox gets cut.

3.) Bull Durham. Need I really explain this one?

4.) Remember the Titans. I partied a lot in Alexandria when I was in college. I love that place, it's adorable. And when I partied there it was as super southern as the movie makes it out to be, but then again it was based in the 70s so who knows. Ryan Goslings in it, which automatically makes it a win win for me.

5.) A League of Their Own. This one makes me wish I lived in the 40s. While I couldn't have pulled off the fashion retardation of the 1960's, I could have done the 1940's I think. Baseball was in its legitimate legend days then, too. Anyway, Tom Hanks is fucking amazing in this movie and I still cry when Betty Spaghetti finds out George won't be coming back from the Pacific to kill her for ruining her Jimmy Dugan baseball card.

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