Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interactive Chasing

March in only a month away (which means I'll be 25 in 26 days, shoot me in the face), so it's not too early to start talking about the fact that US Soccer will be local in New York for a game against Argentina at the New Meadowlands. Obviously Bob hasn't posted the roster yet, but I can't lie and say I'm not mildly excited, if not just for the game itself (which is on a Saturday, making my life much easier on the chasing front).

So I thought, since I'm tired and I've been a bad blogger to my loyal readers (I love you bitches) lately because of all the personal issues (I sound like Lindsay Lohan), we'd have a little fun today and rank US Soccer's hottest players, with a little breakdown for each.

I'd say I doubt a lot of you are up this early, but then I also have to remember that most people have real jobs that DO require them to be up this early during the week and not just once a week, so feel free to throw your thoughts my way and I'll post some pictures and opinions later on.

For an updated US Soccer Roster to choose your picks, go here.


  1. Thank God they cancelled the one at Egypt this week. Anywho...I think it's an international FIFA day, so all the vets should presumably be there, right? Howard, Boca, Dempsey, Gouch (I totally can't spell his name). Hottest dude is TIM HOWARD.

  2. I'm gonna say Lichaj (even though he's like 12, I would totally consider statutory rape), Bocanegra (no reason needed, just look at him), Rogers, Pearce (super funny), Feilhaber (even though he looks super arrogant, and he thinks he's Brad Pitt), Onyewu... and I totally love Omar Gonzalez completely based on his twitter profile pic.

  3. I wish they would play a game in Houston! I'm dying to see the USMNT play live...