Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is that a headache or a hammer?

Nothing like being hung to the nines on a Tuesday afternoon. Jesus Christ, disaster.

Anyway, I do have some good random gossip about some soccer players coming up, as well as some lax stories that were recently in the news. Right now though, I'm too fucking tired to do anything before I have to get in the shower. So with that in mind, I promise I won't go out randomly and get toasted tonight and I'll come straight home with a post or two for you guys. Scouts honor.


  1. On the subject of soccer players and their WAGS, a federal judge in Cali tossed the Beckhams suit against In Touch for libel.

  2. Hurry up with this story :-) and what happened with ur stalker post??

  3. Oh, yeah! You posted that the GF is stalking your blog...is she sending hate mail or something? Definitely want a post on that sitch!