Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lovely story for the lovers on Valentine's Day

Alright, this story is from the NY Post, on Monday, just in times for Valentine's Day. Plus, since it's the Post, it means it's obviously riddled with bad journalism. For example, the use of the word ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY.

Apparently a former laxer (I checked to see if he plays professionally and can't find him anywhere on any current roster) from Ohio State now living in New York (everywhere I look they are harping on the fact that he live sin Hell's Kitchen, I don't know why the fuck that's important?) was arrested because his ex girlfriend has come forward, now, saying that this guy Dan Brown (I'm gonna go on a line and say probably NOT the author) allegedly sexually assaulted her with a lacrosse stick. She is also claiming that when they broke up in August after a year long relationship and claims of a year of abuse, he bombarded her with like 80 e-mails and phone calls. Allegedly during their relationship, he punched her in bed, smashed her face into a mirror and rammed his fist down her throat to make her vomit. He apparently also screamed at her after the lacrosse stick situation "YOU RUINED MY THURSDAY NIGHT". Um...was she dating Patrick Bateman?

However, the dude has produced a tape from a recording device in his room (not surprising in the least) that shows him having a consensual encounter with another woman and using the lacrosse stick...I've read conflicting reports that the woman in the video might be the ex girlfriend making the claim that it wasn't consensual, so I don't know.

Let's break it down. One, laxers can dbags. Obviously. And dangerous ones, as UVA taught us. But two, I think the world has learned something about rushing to judgement from the Duke case.

On the side of "dude is probably a dbag and very well could have done all this shit", apparently he is now fucked because when the cops searched his "HELL'S KITCHEN APARTMENT" (just staying in line with the rest of the people writing about it), they found a shitload of coke in a safe in his room. DUH. Coke and former laxers/current bankers go together like date rape and fraternities. Next, the dude also has an open DUI misdemeanor, and a ten year old domestic violence conviction from when he was at Ohio State. Ding ding ding, red flag. There's a picture I found connected to this story that I'm going to assume is of him fighting in a game. Dude could very well have rage issues and dude very well could have enhanced those rage issues because he does coke.

On the side of "chick is pissed because her ex boyfriend is a dbag" (haven't we all been there and NOT screamed sexual assault?), all of this shit allegedly happened last year, ending in August. There is NO medical evidence whatsoever to backup her claims. I mean, you have a black eye, a cut from the glass on the mirror, issues from having a fist shoved down your throat (is that even physically possibly if you're not a porn star?), you don't go to the doctor once? Your friends don't notice? And further, dude sexually assaults you (read rape anywhere else, because something tells me she wasn't giving the shaft a blowjob), and you wait 7 months to come forward about it? If that shit wasn't consensual, aka he held her down while she was protesting/probably crying, and forced her to fuck a lax stick, she wouldn't have told ANYONE or gone to ANYONE for help? Maybe I'm a little more "you touch me and you'll get your hand handed back to you separately" from working at the bar, but why do I find this fishy?

Lacrosse gets a bad rep from these situations, because not all laxers are pushy assholes. But I also know the fair share of ones who are. The Post's version of this story is a little watered down, so I am interested to see more information on both of them, and not just him, though I severely doubt they will release any details on her. For all we know, girl may be a cacked out, bitter ex girlfriend and wanted him to get nailed for coke possession and knew how to go about it. I know it sounds crazy, but again, go back and look at the Duke lax case if you want crazy. I am always, always suspicious of claims like this because of the Duke case and because of what I know about the guys from the Duke case and how that shit went down. So even as a woman, I err on the side of caution because I've seen it to the extremes. But then you have dudes like George Hugeley that are like this, and it makes you wonder.

Either way, someone is a huge asshole in this case. I'll update when I have more info. But for now, here's the picture running with the story on one of the websites.

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  1. I don't know anything about this guy or this woman, but a few things I think to keep in mind. First, the Duke Lacrosse Rape case, to me, is an anomaly. I used to work with Domestic Violence victims and what we know is that domestic violence and rape, particularly rape by boyfriends, is overwhelmingly underreported. Second, the fact that there may no longer be any medical evidence doesn't mean anything. Many rape victims, due to feelings of shame, do not seek medical attention, hence there are no rape kits. Even when rape kits are performed, rapists simply say, "of course my semen was there. We had consensual sex." Along the same lines, I wouldn't be surprised if her friends and family members didn't know. Again, because women are ashamed (ashamed they're with guys who beat them up and rape them), they don't share what's going on (most domestic violence offenders isolate their girlfriends/wives for this reason) and make excuses for their injuries, i.e. "I walked into a wall. I fell down the stairs."

    So, I guess this is a LONG-WINDED way of saying that not every rape allegation/case should be viewed with skepticism.