Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Question of the Day

John e-mailed me to ask why I haven't contacted Deadspin to get more exposure for the blog a la Jenn Sterger, Duke Fuck List, and Eliza Kruger.

Simply put, I have. And Jezebel, as well. Neither had any interest in anything I had to say or write. Which is fine, their call. That's how I ended up with the good guys over at BroBible, so it all worked out.

I think Deadspin looks for more scandalous shit. Embarrassing shit. Shit you don't exactly want to put out yourself. ie: The Duke Fuck List. Jenn Sterger's shit. Eliza Kruger's "blame it on my high school friends" Mean Girl relationship with Mark Sanchez. None of that shit was planned. Even the Sanchez story. That twit had NO idea how badly leaking that shit and doing so in such a retarded way, would hurt her. And only when she tried to backtrack did Deadspin put the story up to highlight the crazy. They couldn't get Karen to give an interview (and I know why and I totally respect her for it). And Jenn Sterger declined to comment. Why? Because that shit wasn't supposed to get out there. They "uncovered it". Me? I was all "here, you need pictures? Do you want to know how to spell my name? It's with an ie. No, S T E F A N I E."

I was willing to give an interview to anyone who would have me as long as they didn't ask for names or, for that matter, speculate on guys in the piece. Nah. Deadspin and Jez couldn't be bothered. And even to this day, when Jezebel did a piece on Baller Alert, I was mildly surprised the blog wasn't even mentioned in the post, considering in a lot of ways this shit is right up Jezebel and Deadspin's alley of smut.

I'm not super sad about it. Deadspin has a way of making everything negative, so even if I agreed to anything, or rather they agreed, I could see them putting some shit in there where the writer explained how I was a slut or explained how I was a second rate Tucker Max or that I think I'm better thanI am. You know, get the story, make the judgmental digs. I wouldn't care at this point, because I know who I am and what I'm doing and I've been through the burners of insults, there's nothing Deadspin could say about me that would hurt me at all. But it is what it is. I'm still open to anything they'd like to do, but I'm not holding my breath. AJ made it clear - if I'm willing to give it up on my own, it ain't worth his time. He didn't have to dig the info out of a dumpster, I am gift wrapping it for him with a little bow. No journalistic integrity there - something Deadspin likes to assume.

Anywho, that's the Deadspin sitch. Good website, I obviously read them a lot, but no love for moi. You guys are more than welcome to e-mail both Deadspin and Jezebel if you like though and ask about me :).

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