Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

So I found a new bar in the village I really, really like. Decided to christen it by getting sloshed on Blue Point and nearly knocking a redheaded underage bitch with BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK out for spilling an entire pint of it (Blue POint, not bright red lipstick) on my silk top and laughing about it. Then I realized she had red hair and God's punishing her enough. No offense to my red headed readers. She had like that orangey red hair. And it actually might have been a wig, Michelle and I couldn't figure it out. I also kissed a guy from Alaska last night. Never even met a dude from Alaska, so that was a new thing for me. If you're ever in NYC and looking for a good like, kind of authentic village spot, try Wilfie and Nell on West 4th. Really really great atmosphere, outside of the red headed wig wearing bitches.

Anyway, a couple random thoughts. One, I got a good look at my former NHL flames new girlfriend last night. I was surprised and confused but it kind of got to me. Not super cute. Kind of weird looking, to be honest. Canadians, I swear. I don't get it. Kid is really cute and super talented and getting a lot of looks, and the chick is like...kinda plain jane. But to each their own, this is me being all "remember when I tried to have a relationship with you and it was super awkward on every level, yet now you manage to not be an alcoholic shady fuck with this chick"? Not jealousy; confusion.

And then I let something else eat at me regarding another athlete. It's stupid and there's a build up to something that might happen in terms of me like, being honest about shit (no, I'm not like pregnant with this guy's baby, don't go thinking crazy thoughts you psychos) with him which might be tough. And obviously I wrote a letter that may or may not get delivered along with a chapter from the book. A kind of laying it all out on the table situation, but I'm not expecting anything back. Seriously. You ever just need to get shit off your chest? I'm not used to getting attached to guys that I fuck around with in situations when it comes to sports. So this is a little weird for me and I'm having trouble navigating it. But writing it out helped and to be honest, I don't know another way to really tell him everything that, to me, needs to be said. I write. It's what I do. And while I'm still mulling over the option to just let shit go, it's been eating me up a bit in a weird way and I think it's a matter of getting it off my chest rather than having any expectations. I know, this is super vague but I'm still navigating it myself so I'm all bajiggity about it.

Next, there will be a little bit of a blurb about me in the University of Tampa's paper this Thursday (I know, big time ha). I'll link it up as soon as it's out, it's a piece on jersey chasing and the writer e-mailed me with some questions, so hopefully it'll give the blog a little bit of a campus following outside of Maryland.

And finally, if and when this book ever fucking gets published, I want Collin Egglesfield to play someone in the movie version. He's REALLY hot. He's in the movie adaptation of "Something Borrowed". I am actually going to start that book tonight, if only so I can go see the movie for Ginnifer Goodwin. Love her.

Home all day tomorrow, working on some rewrites. So more tomorrow.


  1. I loved "Something Borrowed," and most of Emily Giffin's other novels (I refused to read Heart of the Matter because I was sick of her writing about adultery-four of her five books deal with cheating). You will LOATHE Darcy and be rooting for Rachel (who GG plays in the movie). But, "Something Blue," tells Darcy's story and it's a great book.

  2. i could see collin playing soccer hottie