Friday, February 4, 2011

So if SHE can do it...

So after my date was once again postponed, I trekked my ass home and ate Chipotle and went to bed at 10:30 like a grandma. But I vaguely remember my mother calling me to tell me about this book that was being featured on the news called "Sleeping with Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress". Basically, bitch is like 40 and a playwright, and something tells me that job's probably not panning out so well for her...anyway, she wrote a book about her life when she moved to New York at 18 and how she became the mistress to a lot of wealthy married dudes and got taken to nice restaurants and got free shit and whatever.

I can see the main draw to this book - women who think their husbands are cheating that want to know a.) what kind of men cheat b.) why men cheat and c.) how men cheat.

But by the description the Post gives in this link , I can't see it being like, humorous. Just reflective, and seriously, who wants to read morose, in depth stories about sex without the humor?

Plus, like...obviously I'm all for sex and being shameless, and yeah this was 22 years ago so I have a feeling a lot of the guys she was boinking are probably dead or in like, wealthy assisted living fascilities or something, but there's something about cheating that just doesn't sit very right with me. Like I said before, I've hooked up with dudes who have had girlfriends when I am very aware the relationship isn't great or like, isn't going anywhere....but I couldn't knowingly do married, let alone on a constant basis. Marriage is legal, and a contract and there's more to it in my opinion. And that's just it, when Alan Colmes asked me if I'd ever go after a married dude...nope. And it's not that I haven't had the opportunity. Dude, I work in a fucking steakhouse. I see more cheating that a 2nd grade game of hide and seek.

It's one thing to not know. My friend, she didn't know. Well known athlete dude lied through his teeth. Well, didn't necessarily lie, but omitted in a huge fucking way. And she cut it off after immediately when she found out, even though he wanted to keep in contact with her and see her again. Married and kids, unless they want to get a divorce and do the right thing, what's the fucking point? It's not a one night stand, it's not like, a fun reliable thing, it's shady business behind closed doors that can ruin a lot of lives. People get divorced and remarried to women they have affairs with, and in that, I get it. And at the very least, while it's dick to cheat, at least the person ends the marriage and doesn't let it linger on while fucking another woman/man. But when it's a marriage and the guy is just banging because he can, because it's there, and he has all intentions to stay IN said marriage...nah dude, no thanks.

Look, I'm not going to be a sanctimonious bitch. I am in no place to judge people on the relationships or sex they have/had. And props to this lady that she managed to put out a book and her family and husband are cool with it. That, for me, is a positive thing. Bitch had all these sleezy escapades and she is living on LI with a husband and children. So to those people who say "you'll never get married", that MAY be true, but not because of the book lol. I mean, fuck dude, the chick who wrote the Washingtonienne got married for Christ's sake. We're not hags. There's a reason we have a lot of sex...Jesus.

Anyway, just found it interesting. Who knows, maybe it'll be a little bit of play for my book, since it's all sex related. But I like to think my book's a little less uh...Debbie Downer.


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