Tuesday, February 22, 2011

University of Tampa Questions

So as I mentioned, a writer from the University of Tampa e-mailed me to ask some questions for an article she's doing on Jersey Chasing. It'll be out on THursday and I'll link it up. The whole article obviously wasn't about me/the blog, so a lot of the answers I gave might not get in, but I thought they were good questions so I posted them for you guys to check out the full answers. Enjoy.

1.) How do you define a jersey chaser?

It really depends. To me, a jersey chaser is someone who enjoys being around, hooking up with and dating athletes. I would refer to myself as one because I tend to date and hook up with a lot of guys who play sports. I think a lot of people have the misconception that it has to do with money or fame, but for me it's just the type of guy I go for. I love sports and I happen to like guys who play them.

2.) What is it about athletes that makes them so appealing over other men?

Every girl has a preference. Some like guys with brown hair, some like guys who are really tall, some like guys with accents, I happen to like guys who play sports. I love sports, myself, so I definitely enjoying being o that level with a guy where I get to see the game in a different way. I find athletes to be fun, laid back and focused and I like the drive a lot of them show. Plus, take a look at any guy who plays soccer, for example. They have the most amazing bodies of any guy I've ever met.

3.) How do you handle the jersey chaser stereotype that all are considered outrageously promiscuous?

I've slept with maybe 25 or 26 guys my whole life. Half of them have been athletes. I graduated from college, I've been published, I was an editor at the paper in college, I have a job, I pay my bills, I have great friends and family, I've never done drugs, I have safe sex and I like to have a good time. That number doesn't change who I am. And if it were higher, it wouldn't change who I am. And if it were lower, it wouldn't change who I am or what I've done in m life. I think it's unfair that guys can do whatever the hell they like with their bodies and with however many women, but women are supposed to keep the number low, not talk about it, not joke about it, and not be a "slut". Promiscuous means having slept with a lot of people. If you consider 25 a lot, then yeah, maybe I am promiscuous. And I suppose that would be a stereotype of jersey chasers. But I don't think it's a bad one in my case. I think if you're safe and have a good time and really understand what you're doing and you're doing it for reasons that don't include money, fame, popularity, etc., there's no harm in enjoying your life.

4.) What was the motivation for starting your blog?

I wrote a book and my literary agent suggested I put a blog out there to get people interested. So I started the blog and clearly, no one really cared. I did an article for the website Brobible.com called "Ten Things I Learned from Sleeping with Professional Athletes as a Woman". It went viral really quick, and the blog blew up. In the beginning the blog was just to promote the book. But since the blog got popular, I've also really enjoyed the debate part of it. I've gone on some talk shows like Alan Colmes's radio show and people get very up in arms about the fact that I'm proud of my sex life and can find the humor in it. I like challenging the stereotype that all women who enjoy sex are sluts or whores or uneducated or unsafe. I'm not a feminist by any means, but the backlash I've gotten has made me want to do this even more because I think it's so ridiculous that a woman can't have a good time and find humor in her stories like guys like Tucker Max can. He wrote a book about his shameless sex life and people dubbed him a "genius". He's sold millions of copies. I write a book about my shameless sex life, and I'm a whore. Or a slut. Or an escort. Or a stripper. Or a cum dumpster. It's not fair and I refuse to cave to that idea.

5.) I tried talking to some girls around campus who were known to go for athletes, but all of them took offense to even being asked about it. What would you say about these kinds of girls?

I think I'm 25 and it took me a while to really get to a point where I could look back on every guy I've dated or slept with and put it all together and really see the link and the humor in it. Most women don't want to be known for who they sleep with. Those girls are young and reputations mean a lot to them right now. Not everyone is as open as I am about talking about sex, which is fine. I don't think every woman should have to go talking about their sex life if they don't want to. But I hope with the blog and the potential book, women like me who aren't ashamed of their "promiscuity" or their funny sex stories or their questions won't feel like they have to keep their thoughts to themselves for fear of being called a slut. Karen Owen (who wrote the Duke Fuck List) is a great girl. She is smart and talented and she graduated with her degree from Duke University. But people called her a slut and a whore and a jersey chaser and a "sad, lonely girl" all because she was joking about her sex life with her friends and it got out. What does that say to women? "You're not allowed to have a laugh about your own life because we'll label you a slut and ignore all of your other traits"? It's pathetic and unfair.

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