Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And now a political message from that chick who writes about sports and sex...

I got an e-mail tonight from Johanna asking what I thought about the "republican war on women". I wasn't going to post about it, because I don't like getting political, but then I figured I had done a few posts on religion and the LGBT community and my opinions there, and since it has a lot to do with sex, I decided to throw around some thoughts.

I don't honestly follow legislative shit very well. I read CNN and I watch Bill Maher and Jon Stewart and sometimes I watch Fox News for comedic purposes. So what I know is limited. I know there's a bill that would kill federal funding of Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to offer/perform abortions. It would also cut US funding to global organizations that help provide women's healthcare, including but not limited to abortions.

Next up comes a whole line of support for redefining "rape" and "fetus". Apparently last week a "fetus" "testified" (way too many quotes here) on behalf of anti-choice legislation that would restrict abortions in certain states to rape, incest and health of the mother.

Okay, so, let's go with what I know. Planned Parenthood. They are not an abortion clinic. In fact, only 3% of what they actually do is abortion related. Abortion related? Fuck, 3% of their services have to do with providing abortions. There we go. They are the largest and most adequately federally funded women's health service clinic in the country. They provide OB/GYN options, affordable access to birth control, counseling, family planning options, and medical attention to loads of women who are either a.) too poor to get health insurance or b.) like I was, too scared at 16 to ask your mother to let you go to the doctor and go on the pill via health insurance. Take away funding for Planned Parenthood and you're taking away access to medical facilities for millions of women. And for what? 3%? It's not like taking Planned Parenthood down is going to suddenly destroy abortion or, you know, that thing called Roe V. Wade. Abortion will always be a necessity for women. Taking the option away doesn't remove the necessity. It simply makes it more dangerous for women to be properly treated.

I am very clearly pro-choice. I don't believe women should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. I don't believe abortion is wrong. Do I think women should have 30 of them instead of using a condom, going on the pill or just NOT FUCKING? No. I don't think it should be used as a form of consistant birth control. I'm not retarded. But I think every woman should have the choice. I have thankfully (knock on wood) never had to make that choice. But I don't believe any woman should be forced to keep something in her body that isn't wanted.

I believe in safe sex, and thorough sex ed classes, and access to information. I believe in honesty and education. I do not believe in forced abstinence or the whole "if you ignore it it'll go away" mantra of so many conservatives. Teens having been fucking in the backseat of cars since the 1800s. You think it's going to suddenly stop if they aren't told how to put a condom on? If they aren't told they have options like birth control? I've always had safe sex because I knew what my options were. I had access to information and doctors and reading material, as lame as that sounds. I wasn't ashamed to ask questions and learn about my body because you know what, that shit is pretty fucking confusing when you're 15, 16. I believe in the right to have and enjoy sex, whether you're a guy or a girl. This blog is living proof of that belief and so much of the backlash I've gotten I think is a huge reason why so many women end up pregnant, with AIDS, with STDs, scared, with unanswered questions that they have been taught to be ashamed of. Women aren't SUPPOSED to have a lot of sex. They aren't SUPPOSED to enjoy it. They aren't SUPPOSED to have questions or know how to protect themselves. Stay a virgin until you marry your husband who has probably banged 15 girls and leave the pregnancy thing up to God. That's what a lot of women are taught. And if you don't live by those rules, you're a slut. A whore. People leave shit on the windows of your car telling you you should be ashamed of yourself (hi crazy parking lot stalker with the shitty printer). Taking funding away from Planned Parenthood is taking away a source of education, information and protection women are afforded. It's basically telling women, "sorry, you don't have a right to enjoy or protect your body if you plan on having sex. Either you get pregnant, get an STD or AIDS and suffer the consequences, or don't have sex."

Fuck that shit. It's bullshit, and I hope people who actually vote (I don't, whatever) realize how ridiculous this shit is. Safe sex is NOT the enemy. Uninformed, "shameful" censored sex is.

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