Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to the grind

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the well wishes on the book. Clearly if you can't tell by my last posting time, I was up until like, five finishing the stupid hockey chapter up. I'm just waiting for an estimate from my friend on the editing, but I've booked the photographer for the cover art. My goal is to have the whole fucking thing done and up for sale by the end of the month. So there we are.

Birthday was phenomenal, I was crammed at a small table with all my bests drinking beer and eating. A lot. It was low key and fabulous and I always love the fact that I have such good friends. It helps in a world full of anonymous 'SLUT' comments and people who leave illegible notes of hate on my cars. It shocks me that I've survived a quarter of a century, but maybe I really am indestructible.

Anywhosanoldbitchnow, let's get back to some jersey chasing fabulousness. I want to catch up with the whole Brandon Davies/BYU sitch right now, because I've been following it pretty closely and GOD it's gotten so good.

So backstory was that I was on the fence about BYU's whole suspension of this kid. It is very hard for me as an agnostic, sex loving, anti-organized religion, freedom of choice supporting, public university attending athlete banger to even comprehend attending a religious school that requires one to sign a moral code that includes no drinking, no caffeine, and no sex. Okay, so yeas, for me, it's just very odd. Doesn't mean it's wrong, per se. Just not something I really get. I went to college to figure shit out, mess up, get an education, have accomplishments, cry, fuck around, get scared, and learn how to deal with things. Not to be treated like a fourteen year old. Underage drinking I get, because it IS illegal, no matter how widely practiced and accepted it is. But trying to regulate sex to me is wrong. If the kid is old enough to go on missions to third world countries (most BYU students do a mission program for one to two years), or, in theory, join the army and go die for this country, a kid is old enough to make decisions regarding sex. For themself. BYU isn't exactly down with my opinion, but that is my opinion and a big reason why I'd never go to a Mormon school (or a Catholic school or a Jesuit school. Notre Dame I think has weird policies regarding people sleeping over, don't they? Or maybe I've heard wrong I don't know).

After my first post, I looked into the scholarship issues and as someone pointed out, it wasn't a "best option" situation. Davies picked BYU over several other options that didn't include no pussy for four years on his NLI. Dude is now wearing the consequences of his decision.

I know myself well enough to know I could never go long periods of time without sex. I think my longest drought was like, six months or seven months and I was dying. In college, I had a lot of sex. It wouldn't be something I'd be willing to give up to go to college. So I would never sign up for a college that was all anti-Stef getting laid. Davies did. Again, his choice, and his fault for assuming he could just sign up for the situation and skirt it.

There are rumors floating around that the sexual partner in question was not his girlfriend of two years, a coed at I think Arizona State? But instead, the 19 year old daughter of a former bishop/professor at BYU who is now carrying Davies baby. Which would then clarify how the coach/school found out. I found it very odd that Davies would voluntarily just come out and fuck himself over. And I also found it hard to believe that his teammates were all supier goody two shoe snitches. So this makes sense.

Look, BYU sets the rules. You apply there and go there, you're not going to suddenly change the rules. I can respect any college that sets rules for its students and student athletes. So yeah, BYU is right to stick by its rules and suspend the kid because he broke the rules (and if the 19 year old girl story is true, realllllllly fucked up some big wigs in the LDS church by doing so). And now all this discussion is coming up about how student athletes aren't held to a moral standard and they get away with whatever they want and all they care about is sex and the lifestyle they can get from the game, they don't care about the game itself, blah blah blah blah. Fuck that shit. As someone who went to a BIG university that has a huge football and basketball following, those kids to me have a right to want the lifestyle. Yes, they get afforded scholarships and gear. But they also bring in more fucking money for the universities than anything else. NCAA basketball is just as big as the NBA. And these kids follow through with games and practices along with classes. It isn't easy. Does it give them an excuse to be assholes and fuck up? No. But it's not like they are the only ones who fuck up sometimes, or do dumb shit because their egos get the best of them. Something tells me Maryland football and basketball brings more revenue and notoriety to my alma mater than say, Greek Life. And I know more asshole frat boys who do fucked up shit and say fucked up shit and act like they are God's of the world because their parents have money, than I do athletes like that. These kids work their asses off and bring positive looks to colleges that might normally fly under the radar of sponsorships or coverage or promotion. And yet we're telling them they can't choose to utilize their fucking biological nature?

Do I think suspending Davies will make other athletes at BYU more pious, more righteous? No. They are all 18-23 year old kids with hormones, living away from home, with opportunities and peer pressures and new outlooks that are coming into play. Trying to suppress that involuntarily by forcing a kid to sign a sheet of paper that says you won't fuck isn't going to make it so, and Davies is living proof. The honor code didn't make him any more "honorable". Fuck, even look at some of the posters at recent BYU games. WE STILL LOVE YOU DAVIES. I mean, does that look like a school that is shunning Davies for the decision he made? Or is it students realizing BYU is fucking this kid over because they are trying to control stupidity and those students all see it.

And I would put my LIFE on the fact that you could probably find a few more athletes on BYU's campus that are fucking. I understand the BYU wants to set a standard, but repressing kid's personal decisions toward things like sex is not setting a standard, it's enforcing false guilt for something that in the grand fucking scheme of things ain't that bad. This kid is now a media magnet, for what? GETTING LAID. Every other college athlete in this fucking country is doing exactly what he's doing and they still get to play ball, go on with their lives without judgement or ridicule, they are still considered good moral guys if they don't have any other CRIMINAL OFFENSES or asshole behavior offenses on the books. Why is Davies not afforded the same right? By holding college kids to a standard like this, you're putting them on the chopping block to fall most of the time. Setting them up to fail. There is no honor in that.

If I were Davies, I'd really sort out the situation with the possible baby mama and then haul ass out of Provo. Student athletes shouldn't be allowed to run rampant and get away with whatever they want. But putting sex in the same category as drugs or illegal drinking or criminal behavior or academic dishonesty or academic ineligibility - all things that are legitimately bad situations for anyone - is wrong in general. Props to BYU for holding their ground but props to Davies for not letting a church tell him what he can and can't do with his body in a legal manner.

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