Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Stuff

A little sneak peak into what's in the book...

Maryland lacrosse. Athlete relationships. Baseball. Athlete Sex Fails. Match.com dating and athletes. NHL fails. International jersey chasing. How I became a jersey chaser. The ups and downs and draws to JC (hint: not Jesus Christ). A few others. After rereading it, there's a lot more in it than just sex and smut, which I was originally a little frustrated by, but then ended up being excited about. I don't want to be a female Tucker Max. I want to be me, and my smut and humor comes with a little bit of love. What can I say?

No names. Teams changed. Characteristics changed. Certain dates changed. All the "what the fuck" moments are entirely legitimate. No lawsuits. YAY.

Pictures are a strong possibility, but you've probably seen most of what will go in if you've been keeping up with the blog. Not definite yet though.

Considering I upped my budget for the photog, if the cover isn't good, I'll be pissed.

Get excited!!

1 comment:

  1. characteristics changed?
    like you changed the personalities of the guys? or like physical features?