Thursday, March 17, 2011

The David Pakman Show

Just a quick reminder, I'll be on the David Pakman show tomorrow at 2:15PM EST. I don't know if this shit is live, but here's a link so if you're bored at work pop your headphones in and watch me struggle with my webcam. If it isn't live, I'll have the link up as soon as David puts it up.


Okay, it's not live, but you can watch it at 3PM here Stef on the David Pakman Show. Don't act like you're too busy bitches, it's St. Patrick's Day. Put the booze down for 15 minutes and throw me a bone would you?


I know, there's a lot of political chat. But I promise I'm in there, so just wait it out and learn something alright? Christ.

Update 3:

I was doing SO WELL with not speaking fast and then I just lost it. FUCK. Oh well. For those of you who missed it, I think David puts his show sup on Youtube so I'll post it as soon as it's up.

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