Friday, March 18, 2011


I have to say, I thought today was going to be a disaster. The last time I got my makeup done and took "professional" photos I ended up embarrassed and looking like a drag queen on acid. Not surprising that my boyfriend at the time (who the pictures were for) broke up with me like a week later. I indirectly blame the photog. Today? Not a similar situation.

It took a glass of wine and a beer (I ran out of wine) to get me chilled out enough that I got into it. But good GOD I had so much fun with this photo shoot. My mother's bedroom is a disaster area. When I looked back over the pictures on the camera, there are so many good ones that will be contenders for the cover. I'm usually not photogenic at all, but my fabulous makeup artist Ketta Vaughn and my awesome photographer Heather Gallagher both did fucking amazing jobs today. I can't wait to show you guys.

Actually, I'm more stoked to post the bloopers and candids because some of them are hilarious. I look borderline inbred in certain ones. So yeah, that will be a good time.

Also, so typical - my makeup was taken from a Victoria Secret shoot with Alessandra Ambrosio. I was like I WANT THIS FACE....AND HER BOOBS....AND HER HEIGHT.....AND HER STOMACH.... Ketta obviously couldn't give me all that, but she did a damn good job giving me the makeup!


  1. oooh! Fun! Can you post one of the pics or are you waiting until the cover is chosen?

  2. I'm going to post a few once I get them back (Heather has to go through them, crop them, and do some light touch ups which will take about a week tops). I won't post the cover shot until the book goes up, but I'd like to use some other shots for the page itself (and stop having everyone ask me if the chick in the Eagles Jersey on the top of the page is me lol). And like I said, I definitely want to post some of the bloopers because they were hilarious. Plus, it'd be a shame to only use one picture because so many of them came out awesome, I'd like to showcase some of them. But yeah, as soon as I get them back, I'll post them!