Sunday, March 13, 2011


So, I have collectively just shelled out a shit ton of money for the editing, photography and make up (what, I want to look good on the cover. Fuck you). Depending on how soon the edits get done, the book could be up for sale by Tuesday of next week at the earliest. But, I gave my editor a deadline of March 25th, so regardless, the book will, all things willings, be up for sale on Amazon by March 28th. If you don't have a Kindle, totally cool - if you have an iTouch, iphone, or iPad, download the app, it's free.

In other news, I'll be doing a web interview with David Pakman on Thursday, St. Patrick's Day (also known as the holiest day of the year in the Williams household). I'm 99% sure it will be live, but if it's not I'll let you fuckers know. And I'll also post a link to the interview once it's up on David's site.

New posts tomorrow morning. Also, yes, I have since recovered from my momentary "I miss the Canadian" issue. Thanks for the e-mails, you overconcerned weirdos. I love you.

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  1. Should I know who David Pakman is? St. Patrick's Day rules (I'm totally channeling the '80s tonight). In other news, I totally think Posh was inseminated by some other metrosexual dude-how else after three boys does Beckham and his super dirty dick produce a baby girl? xoxo