Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jenn Sterger - If she's not suing someone, she dies.

Seriously, this is the vibe I'm getting from Jenn Sterger - if she's not playing the victim/suing someone, she'll stop breathing. It's like the movie Speed only more retarded (if possible).

Jenn Sterger is now suing her manager, Phil Reece, in an attempt to recover all of the voicemails and pictures that were part of the 2008 "I want to be taken seriously as a hostess" thing where she claimed Brett Favre was "harassing" her with text pics of his peen and unwanted invites to come run his field in his hotel room. She claims Reece wants to use the pictures and voicemails in a book about Brett Favre, and said she never intended him to have full access/use of the media.

Thoughts? Easy - some of the unreleased voicemails make it clear that Favre's advances weren't totally unwanted. Or, the pictures show it wasn't Brett in the pics (he said he left the voicemails but denied the pictures of the ginger peen that were released were his) and it'll show that she's a liar who just wanted the attention. Take your pic on desperate stories.

I have no sympathy for Jenn Sterger. Nada. None. Zero. This chick wants it all - to be taken seriously as a girl who can report on sports, but also to be considered a sex pot hostess who has the chance to bang athletes. I think she was flattered Favre wanted to bang her, and probably flirted with the idea, and then released the situation to look like she's too above it all and it backfired, horribly.

And now she's suing her manager and is dragging all this shit back in the news. Methinks her manager has some dirt on her she doesn't want put in a book. And I think it's all in the voicemails that would probably prove that she had contact with Favre. In the ones released on Deadspin, it makes it look like Favre scammed her number from someone and then is responding to hearsay from something she told someone (basically she said if she were to fool around with an guy like Favre she'd end up in a garbage can, and the voicemail released is of him allegedly responding to the fact that she said that to someone). So it hides any evidence of her having contacted Favre and him responding to her. Like "hey, sorry I missed your call" or "hey, just returning your call" or "hey, we're still on for tonight".

Look, I don't care if you want to fuck around with athletes (even though Favre's married and I'm not super kosher with that, it's my own opinion). I think it's pretty clear I'm all for having a fun, active sex life. My big issue here is that Sterger is trying SO HARD to come off like there's no reason to doubt her intentions, no reason to doubt her involvement, no reason to think she is taking herself too seriously. Sterger markets herself with pure sex. Look at every picture of her on Google - she's either naked, in a bikini, giving a "cum all over my face" look, showing off her terrible boob job in a cut up t-shirt, in a cowboy hat, in a bikini, and just overall trying too hard to be a Playboy model. But then she wants to be taken seriously. She's not really coming across as sympathetic to me. I talk all about my sex life, and my situations with athletes. But I own it. It's not produced, it (to me anyway) doesn't wreak of desperation. I'm not trying to come off as a sex symbol. I find humor in sex, and I can laugh at myself and trust me when you see the blooper pics from yesterday, you'll realize I in no way shape or form take myself seriously. I don't straddle two halves - I have sex, I joke about it, laugh about it, sometimes I look good, sometimes I look like shit. I don't try to be one thing and then another. That's what Sterger does. She wants to be a Playboy model but also have the social respect of a Barclays Capital CEO. Meanwhile every picture of her screams "do you want another Miller Light?"

I'd be interested to hear the other voicemails. The pics I can do without, creepy peen is not something I'm super interested in viewing at the moment, and if that changes there are plenty of free porn sites for that. But the voicemails I think will be pretty telling when it comes to showing that Sterger wasn't all Miss Professionalism like she painted herself to be.

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  1. I've always thought there was more to this story than was intially reported. I totally think she was in contact with Favre, maybe initially thought it was fun, then either got bored or just wasn't really interested, but wanted to capitalize on the experience in one way or another. She's a total famewhore, and always has been. How much do you want to bet she has her OWN "book" in the works???