Monday, March 14, 2011

Lesson of the Day

I got an e-mail last night asking if I thought any athletes ever read this site and if I think they take away anything from it.

I know one guy who has read it and got a good look at how big of a dbag he was for a while. I don't think he took anything away from it other than an unnecessary fear of exposure, which did not and won't happen.

I think a couple guys have seen it because I think the cheating rumors have led some athlete girlfriend and wives away from the denial hut for a hot sec and given them an "oh fuck" moment of "explain this".

But I don't know if athlete's necessarily take anything away. Hard heads to crack, and I'm not going to be an influencer there, particularly because I condone some of the shit (most of the shit?) I write about. If I'm not specifically writing about how big of a dick a guy was, and I'm instead writing about how worth it it was for me, I'm not changing any egos anytime soon, and that's fine. I'm not out to convert all asshole athletes into good boyfriends and husbands obsessed with fidelity. I do not have magic powers to do so, but if a guy is being a dick, trust that I'll put it in writing and while the rest of the world won't know who he is, he will.

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