Thursday, March 24, 2011


A comment posted last night made me want to post about this. A lot of people (an editor at Simon & Schuster included) tend to have this opinion that the stories/book/blog won't sell because the athletes I write about aren't like, Derek Jeter and Sidney Crosby (though there have been some Sid the Kid stories on here, just not my own personal experiences ha). That the fact that these guys aren't like the faces of their sport (debatable in certain cases, LARRY!!!) couple with the no-naming policy makes it less intriguing.

I get the sentiment, but here's my logic.

I try very hard in my writing to be relatable. Yeah, I'm sure if I were writing about DJ it's be way fucking cooler (for everyone involved). But what's made the blog work in a lot of ways has been all the interaction. I get e-mails all the time about someone who's dating a hockey player, someone who knows a lacrosse player, someone who loves soccer, someone who knows a soccer WAG, someone that's gotten dumped by an athlete. I feel like the stories are a bit more tangible because they aren't SO tabloid. The athlete thing is there, but it's not out of reach for a lot of the people who read it. A lot of women get it because they've been there. And a lot of guys get it because it takes the celebrity aspect out of it. I look back on when I was dating my baseballer, and I went through SO much shit with him in the minor leagues, and I wish there had been a book like this because sometimes it feels like you're all alone going through it. My college friends didn't get it because they all had "normal" boyfriends who went to college with them. You don't really talk to other baseball girlfriends because they come and go and there's always a competitive streak, regardless of what anyone says. It would have been nice for me to have a book like this where I could say "fuck, thank you, someone gets it".

It's not a brag book. Yeah, sometimes I joke about being an egomaniac and that some of these guys give me an ego boost, but the stories aren't for that. And I feel like that's a huge difference too. I'm not like an authority on athletes and dating and relationships, but I've seen my fair share of shit and I think it's an interesting part of their lives. And has been an interesting part of mine. And please remember - Derek Jeter started out somewhere. That's another big draw (for me) - a lot of these guys have that potential. And if you take away the money, the game is always going to be the same. The stress in the minors is very real, and very much the same as the stress in the majors.

Maybe I'm completely wrong. I've said it before, I'm not banking on like retiring on book sales. I thought some of my stories were funny and worth sharing. I'm not trying to be Tucker Max, despite the comparisons. My book is different and if people don't like it because they're expecting Tucker Max with a vagina, that's not my problem. If the books sucks and does miserably, hey, I can say I gave it a shot and made a few people laugh in the process. But I don't buy the "no one will care" bullshit. The 150,000+ hits to the site since it went up, and the 500+ comments tell me otherwise.


  1. No offense, but if you were dating Derek Jeter and then wanted to write an expose about that, he'd probably sue your ass and keep you and your publisher tied up in litigation. I don't read the blog because of who the athletes are (or the ones we speculate about). I read it because I think you have a unique voice and interesting perspective-which as any editor should know and should be able to tell you, is what ultimately sells a book. I'll buy your book and recommend it to my buds. xoxo

  2. I'd hesitate before putting much stock in website hits. Most of the people who visit a blog have no interest in purchasing products. Lots of people have clicked onto this site because it has gotten some publicity, but I think a lot of the viewers are just coming to see if what they heard is true: that a girl is really writing about her romps with semi-professional athletes, haha.

    You've gotten some publicity from it and I'm sure you've made some jealous women very angry. I can almost guarantee you that it was a woman who left the note on your mom's car. I can't see any guys getting upset by this blog except maybe the ones that you've written about.

    Don't get me wrong, I hope your book does sell. Your name is now out there as the athlete banger so I hope you can get some fame and some money out of this, otherwise it just kind of seems like a waste, because it's on the internet and you're now a semi-public figure. Maybe you should make a youtube video poking fun at asian people and the tsunami. =P

  3. Trust me, this book could bomb, and it still wouldn't be a waste. I think you're underestimating what this whole thing really means to me, and I think that's part of you not getting it. Not an insult to you, I just don't think you really get everything about it, and so to you, it's not interesting. Which is fine. Buy the book. Don't. Doesn't matter to me to be honest.

  4. Haha, fair enough, fair enough. Random question: are you part Jewish? I think you said that you aren't Jewish in that US soccer post, but I'm only asking because I saw the pics you posted above, and you definitely have a Jewish-looking nose in the overhead shot. It should be noted that I'm only a half-Jew myself, so my Jewdar probably isn't as accurate as it should be.

  5. Share the Crosby stories!