Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay for the Gays

A while ago I had done a post about current out gay athletes, or rather the lack-there-of. Well, this week, Anton Hysén became Sweden's first professional out soccer player. And possibly one of the only current out professional soccer players?

Dude is 20, he's British born and plays for Utsiktens BK. About being the only out Swedish footballer, he has this to say:

"It's totally sick when you think about it...where the hell is everyone else? I am a footballer. And gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys."

It IS totally sick. Where the fuck IS everyone else? Hiding and banging things with vaginas while thinking about peens, that's where Anton. And obviously I agree. It doesn't matter who he is banging as long as it's legal and safe (and it's his personal call on the safe, but I like to throw that in there for good measure). Whether he is interested in peen or vajay has nothing to do with his ability to perform on the field. Or in any other area of life for that matter.

I think Sweden is kind of like, a progressive country. I don't know much about it really, but I know they banned the Westboro Baptist Church from coming into their country, so already I like them. I'd like to know more about how his team is handling his coming out, and if he's felt any push back against it. I would also like to know how supportive his family is. His dad was apparently a player for Liverpool back in the 80's, so clearly he's got some legacy in the soccer world there. But if the kid has made it pro and is working hard and proven himself on this team, how can anyone say he is less of a player? Seriously.

Kudos to Anton. I hope more pro-athletes follow your lead and step out of the down low closet. People can be assholes and say dumb shit, but at the end of the day there is no one whose approval means more than being who you are and living your life. This kid is only 20 and he is slowly paving the way for future gay athletes to be able to live their lives and play the game at the same time without fear. Those who remain in the closet are simply allowing another generation to have to deal with the unwarranted stigma of being gay and being an athlete. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Jordon, Mickey Mantle - all of these guys were allowed to fuck as many women as they want - even when they were married - and still be respected in the game. Gays should be allowed to fuck, love, bang, blow, hump, diddle, screw, date, and marry whoever they want as well without having their dedication, talent, skills or athleticism questioned. End of story.

PS. I find it mildly humorous that this guy looks more heterosexual than Ronaldo. Seriously. If you had to pick the gay, which would you assume? The jersey shore wannabe (Anton) or the dude with the short shorts and the flower in his ear (Ronaldo)?

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