Saturday, March 19, 2011

Youtube Version

Here's a clearer version of the DP interview without having to skip and that doesn't drag. Also, enjoy all the original comments about how I'm a slut, a slag, and how I'm uninteresting. So uninteresting people take the time to watch it and comment negatively. ;) Eh, everyone's entitled to their opinion. At this point in the game, I've heard it all.


  1. I normally dislike people that exhibit a lot of the characteristics/attributes that you do... but you're somehow likable.. ^^
    I guess it's because you seem more genuine, and there's nothing more refreshing than an honest person.. so few of them

  2. haha, thanks Gary (I think?). Can I ask what characteristics/attributes that I exhibit that you tend to dislike? (Out of curiosity).

  3. Steph you look great! And you did a great job with the interview - way calmer and more poised than I would have been! Was it nervewracking? Cause you look very calm!

  4. Haha.. You're welcome(of course, a compliment from me may be more offensive than an implied insult :P)
    In general, just the type of person that elevates a particular type of person. Fans, for instance.. The type of people that idolize actors, athletes, etc.
    I think a good example is my perspective of a "slut".. Contrary to the "double standard", a "slut" can be male or female and doesn't correlate to proclivity but to personality. A slut is a person that surrenders self(sexual or otherwise) to garner favor from the other person(whether it's rewarded with money or "self worth"). At trivialization of personal esteem, if you will. . In this way, even prostitutes/porn stars wouldn't be sluts if it was an expression of themselves that they valued that they also managed to make lucrative.
    Such is the case here. There are guys that would buy a guy drinks all night just because he was a "celebrity" of some sort--even if that celebrity was a dick to him the entire time.. The buyer would be a slut. The fact that you are allured to athletes is the association I'm alluding to.
    However, it is different with you. Where some women would sleep/date/pursue these men because just being accepted by them is a bolstering of their own self worth, you are attracted not only by the physiques but also the vivacious lifestyle they offer. Without this appreciation of the individuals themselves, it wouldn't matter if there was actual monetary compensation in some form--you'd be attracted to their status and its societal reflection on you. This is where some of the ignorant "hate" comes from. People see that you are pursuing individuals of a particular social/economic stature and automatically stereotype you with those that do it for the acquisition of "attention".
    Anyway.. :) hope than managed to pique your curiosity since you were out of it ;)