Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Am I the only person...

Who hates Kimberly Jones? I'm sorry, for my Yankees fans, do you guys like her? I swear to God, I find her to be one of the most irritating people on earth. And also, her hair color is terrible. Who told her that goods? Seriously.

I appreciate that they are putting women on the field, and ones that don't look Jenn Sterger, but still, could we get someone a little bit less annoying, who actually opens her mouth and doesn't have a lisp? She's like Gretta Van Susteren and Sheryl Crow's love child. GOD. Terrible.

If anyone from YES is reading, I'm available, and I promise I won't curse, and I already have a good repertoire with four guys on that team. I've heard Jeter hates Jones too. I think we need to discuss a possible job change for me. Seriously. Get on it.

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