Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Of

Alright. So the book's out, I've already caught like 4 issues with editing, no big deal, I'm not going to panic over it. You guys deal with my spelling errors on here, so you can deal with them in the book. Like Publically. Not a word. But whatever, I wrote the acknowledgements last and while I was half awake, so yeah. Not stressing over it. I'm retarded at times and will admit it openly. Or openally, as I would apparently prefer to spell it.

A couple of you have asked if the blog will end now that the book is out. No, it will not end. In fact, it'll probably pick up a little more steam now that the writing of the book and that stress it officially out of the way. And now that the stories I wanted to keep under wraps because they were going to be in the book are out, I can discuss them a bit more and share some follow up stories. Plus, like I said, already in the throws of a new baseball jersey. What, you thought I'd publish and suddenly stop being me? Fuck off.

I really, really, really hope you guys like the book. God knows it isn't a Pulitzer prize winner by any means, but it is very me and that's the best I could do.

The blog MIGHT take a one or two day hiatus so I can take a break from writing ANYTHING for a day or two and let my eyes rest, but nah, I'm not going anywhere just yet. Don't worry :)

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  1. Cant get the book in Germany, hope Amazon adds it to the roster there soon :D