Monday, April 18, 2011

Ohhh to be famous in Provo

I happened to catch this story and thought it was hilarious. Jimmer Frederette, who plays basketball for BYU (the school that right before the NCAA tournament suspended Charlie Davis for having sex, good times), has been told to "take online classes" and not physically attend class at BYU as he is too famous and it's too much of a distraction to students when people are constantly asking him for his autograph. Apparently he can't go anywhere in Provo without being recognized.

Right. Who is this kid again? Did I sleep with him? No? Okay, who is he?

I mean, when I was at Maryland, Nik Caner-Medley got a lot of attention because he was a big drunken white kid who claimed "you can't beat me, I'm from Maryland" to a cop once (god I miss college). But he still managed to go to class...sometimes....or the bar, better example! DJ Strawberry (Darryl Strawberry's kid) managed to have a successful basketball career and a dad who we can't figure out if he's more famous for doing coke or playing for the Mets and still managed to not be "disruptive". I played beer pong with him a few times. What the fuck is up with Mormons? They were like a semi-Cinderella story for a hot second and then they lost. And yet their players are so incredibly recognizable and famous that the world is banging down their Mormon door for an autograph and constantly staring at them in class? It's a fucking NCAA basketball player, not Angelina Jolie for Christ sake! What is wrong with these people!? Oh, he was named NCAA player of the year and won a couple of NCAA awards....still, who is this guy? Like, maybe because I went to Maryland and we had some national attention all the time even though we sucked most of the time, I just don't get the NCAA hype. But seriously, if JJ fucking Reddick (I hate him still) could manage to go to class, something tells me this dude shouldn't really be having a problem.

Also, what the fuck kind of name is Jimmer?!

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