Sunday, April 10, 2011


A lot of people are saying they wish they could buy the book if the had an iphone or can literally buy the book on anything. Just download the Kindle app (it's free and takes like 7 seconds). You can download it to anything - your PC, Mac, iphone, itouch, ipad, Android, Blackberry. Anything basically.

Here's the link.

Download the app and buy the book on Amazon. Downloads right to the App.

Seriously, buy the fuckin book. Otherwise I'll have to be a stripper to make ends meet (this is a joke, it's so fucking sad that I have to outright state that) and WE ALL KNOW what a terrible stripper I am...

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  1. yes, this is exactly how I got it - I do not have a kindle, but downloaded the app on my laptop when I bought the book. It was really quick, and came with a few free books - Pride & Prejudice and Treasure Island.