Friday, April 15, 2011

Sidenote to all Assholes

Seriously, assholes - if you're gong to try to make the book look bad on Amazon via a shitty review, you should know that unless you actually buy the fucking book, Amazon makes it clear to everyone that reads it, that you DIDN'T BUY THE BOOK. Next to all reviewers who actually bought the book, it says "verified purchaser". Which means they bought the book via Amazon (the only fucking place you can buy it) and THEN reviewed the book after the bought it. The fact that all three bad reviews on there are NOT VERIFIED PURCHASERS says a lot. Take it for what it is - a disgruntled ex, a current girlfriend of a guy I fucked and wrote about, someone who doesn't like me, or someone who is pissed that I'm doing what I'm doing. If you're going to lie to try to make me look bad, at least spend the 2.99 to do it properly and make it look like you have a valid opinion as opposed to someone who is just extremely bitter about how I portrayed them/someone they are dating in the book. If you're not going to be honest, at least fake it well enough that it looks like you are being genuine.

Just wanted to make that very clear - the three people (which could be and probably are one person) that gave the book negative reviews, NONE OF THEM HAVE BOUGHT THE BOOK. Which means none of them have read it. So please don't take their opinions to heart. I'd rather you fucking Google nasty opinions of the book via some blog of someone who actually read the book than be turned off by assholes with no purpose other than to sit on Amazon and give me bad reviews. Seriously. You must be related to the printer inept person who left the note on the car. What a great collection of personalities. God.

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