Monday, April 11, 2011

Would you hit it?

I get a few e-mails on the reg from some puck bunnies at UM-D. Not my UMD. Univ. of Minn. Duluth. Lots of hockey up there. When I think Minnesota, I think the original Might Ducks movie. All hockey.

Anyway, the UM-D Bulldogs beat Michigan in the coveted NCAA Hockey Championship 3-2 in overtime over the weekend. Now while I don't doubt that the UM-D team already gets a lot of ass for their hockey skills (and because half the team is CANADIAN, DUH), I have to wonder. Ladies, are you still going to hit the knock off Eminems?

Just throwing it out there, that was (supposed to be) my hair color on Halloween when I was Rainbow Brite (slutty version, obv).

But I'll tell you one thing. Dudes I WOULD hit, regardless of their Jersey style hair dye job? Mike Montgomery, Mike Connolly and Scott Kishel. I don't care if you dyed your curtains to match your pubes (name the movie). I'd go there.


  1. forgetting sarah marshall

  2. I go to UMD, and those boys definitely get around, but most of them know how to treat a girl right :D