Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brobible Buds an LAX

Hey all, a quick little offer...this weekend, the NCAA lacrosse tournament is being held in Baltimore. My buddies at both Brobible and some of my favorite old Terps over at Lacrosse Playground are having a big blowout and wanted me to get the word out. It'll be a fuckin' good time and those boys are easily the most ridiculous I have ever partied with in my life (can't count the amout of times I probably should have died in college ha). So if you are into LAX, have no plans for Memorial Day, WANT to get into LAX, or just want to drink and have a good time with a lot of hot, cool, former laxers, check out their site and buy a ticket. Also, wear a Terps t-shirt because if you root for UVA, Denver or Duke, you blow. Just kidding. But not really...

Here's the link.

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