Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love sports

This video reminded me of the first time the Yankees/Mets played at home after 9/11. People say it's cliche and dumb, but there is something about sports and games and fandom that can sometimes take the pain away a little bit, and set normality back in motion. It's unity over something trivial, but it's unity all the same. Baseball did that for a LOT of people post 9/11. One of two times I ever saw my dad cry was when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in the World Series in 2001, simply because New York had just gone through so much and he was so sad that we couldn't grasp onto this one, stupid, meaningless in the grand scheme of things moment to help us all feel better, to give New York the tiniest little boost after such a hard blow.

But this video from a Mets/Phillies game in Philly reminded me of the awesomeness and unity baseball can bring on a bigger level than just dedication to one's team or hometown. I also laughed while watching it because you know the players were all "what the fuck is going on?"

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