Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying to get back on the proverbial horse

I hate not writing. It kills me that the blog is surprisingly still doing so well in terms of hits when a.) the last blog I posted was like, a suicide note and b.) since then, there haven't been any posts. I got a lot of e-mails from my band of loyal readers (all of which were so incredibly appreciated), and it broke my heart (or what was left of it, I'm so lame) because I felt like I was letting a lot of people down by allowing this dbag from DC to make me feel so shitty.

On that note - my last rant about boys in general - I don't know if the guy who unceremoniously told me to fuck off ("I would never tell you to fuck off") after I spent 6 weeks and a shit ton of money trying to make myself worthy for him, even though the sex sucked and he was a selfish dick who came on way too strong in the beginning, reads the blog. He knows it exists, but now that it's going on three weeks since shit ended, I doubt he's looked. But if he does read, I just hope he knows how shitty he was. And at 20, I handled things more appropriately than he did at 30. There is a reason he is on at 30, and that "every girl gets weird after a month". It isn't them dude. It's you. You are a flake. A huge, two-faced flake. As for other reasons why you're single, I won't go into the one reason that occurred six times the last time I was there, but the other is pure selfishness. You don't lead someone on for that long and then ignore them for five days. It's childish, it's immature, and it's hurtful. I've been dicked around by plenty of guys in my life, but this one hurt a lot because it came out of left field, was totally uncalled for, and he just wasted my time pushing me to believe he was something he wasn't. I could have absolutely fallen for him, was starting to, and I would have done anything to have made him happy. Maybe it wasn't enough, but there was a much better way that it could have been handled that didn't involve me losing a shit ton of weight or thinking I did something horribly wrong. I didn't. The dude was just a selfish dick and I hope after a string of other chicks that get weird after a month, he realizes that not every girl puts up with the bullshit he pulled. I miss him, but what I miss wasn't really there. It was all bullshit, and I would give anything to take the month of May back for myself. I can't, but it is what it is. Maybe it's wrong for me to call him out here. But I think he deserves to know that it isn't okay to treat people that shitty. It isn't okay to be such a huge flake. And it isn't okay to make someone care only to turn around and not give a shit when they say they have something important to talk about. That one will forever be on you, dude. You didn't care enough to ask? I'm not going to waste my time running after you to explain. Go tell some other girl how you're going to be a hard core dad and the guys who date your daughter will have a hard time because they'll need to be great guys. Before you start throwing judgements on the actions guys who don't even exist yet, maybe take a hard look at your own and figure out that how you treated me was not okay.

On that note...what got me back to the blog was this whole bullshit situation with former Giants wide receiver David Tyree. David Tyree isn't known for anything other than allowing his helmet to aid in his infamous catch when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl back in 2008. After that, he blew out his knee and sucked and never made another catch. So basically he is like the lesser known Aaron Boone of football. Oh my God, I met Aaron Boone last month, did I mention that? He came up to me at the W and goes "hey girl". I was like please don't ruin my thoughts of you with bad pick up lines and the fact that you're wearing your wedding ring. Please.

Anyway, so here's David Tyree, who is retired mind you, who suddenly does a promo for NOM (National Organization for Marriage, avidly anti-equality, anti-LGBT group that is led by a band of morbidly obese people). Here's the video:

Also, here's a video of David Tyree basically saying he doesn't want gays to have the right to marry because he doesn't want his kids taught that gay marriage and gays in general are normal.

Okay, so people are saying "everyone is entitled to an opinion". I'm a writer and a blogger, obviously I semi-agree with that. Not everyone agrees with my opinion on sex or women or sports or asshole dbags from DC. But gay marriage isn't opinion. LGBT rights, not "an opinion". Just like racism isn't "an opinion". If someone said black people aren't equal to white, you wouldn't say "oh that's their opinion and they're entitled". You'd say "dude's a racist and he better watch his mouth or he's gonna get slapped".

David Tyree was a coke addict, drug addict, and knocked up that chick twice before he married her. I don't doubt for one SECOND he has probably slept with a woman who isn't the mother of his children. Dude was in jail. And he's suddenly talking about the sanctity of marriage? Why not preach to your former teammates who have 14 kids out of wedlock a la New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie....

I mean, if you want to talk about sanctity of marriage, why not talk about the ridiculous amount of cheating in professional sports, the shit like Baller Alert, the jump offs, the payoffs, the hush money, the baby mama drama and the fucking divorce rate? Pot, meet kettle.

David Tyree doesn't want gay marriage to be legal because, among many other ridiculously misread religious beliefs and talking points, he doesn't want his parental right to be overshadowed by the evil satanic public schools who may teach their kids that gays are "normal" and gay marriage is "ok". Yeah? I wonder what he'd say to the people in 1962 who didn't want their children to be a social experiment with desegregation because allowing black kids to go to school with white kids would encourage kids to believe that "blacks are equal to whites" and overrule their "parental right" to teach their children that blacks are not equal to whites. I don't understand how a man who is part of a minority that truly understands the struggle for acceptance and civil equality is so quick to jump on the gays hate jeebus protect marriage wagon.

I'm sorry. You know my stance on LGBT shit. And on hypocrisy in general. This dude is coming out like fucking Jesus himself preaching about the sanctity of one man one woman bullshit, when he was a god damn coke addicted fornicator. He changed? I bet. You're telling me this guy doesn't bang his wife in the ass, ever? I'm sorry, isn't sodomy against the Bible? Cherry picker.

The thing is, so many sports teams and players have come out in support not only of marriage equality but of LGBT people in general. It's so sad to see groups like NOM and other Christianist crazies hold this dude up as if he is Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Jesus all wrapped in to one. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS.

Dude needs a reality check. If not for himself, for his kids. He has five of them. And you know what? One might be gay. And to grow up in a household where your dad is actively out there trying to block your ability to share a life with a person you love, isn't going to be easy. Repression. Regression. And a bad life to follow. It's very clear this guy has been led down a shady path of religious talking points based on cherry picked BS from the Bible. He is a "do as I say, and definitely not as I do" type of spokesperson who, in my opinion, has NO idea what he's doing to the LGBT community. I don't think he is fully aware of the consequences his "opinions" the the LGBT community and their rights face because he wants 15 more minutes of fame to pound his Bible. You know, the one that's missing about 45 pages. Some people (I don't know who but I'm sure they exist) look up to this guy. And might take his misinformed opinions as fact. Hate is learned. And he is helping to teach it.

And on an almost ironic twist, I find it hilarious that avid white supremacist and talk show host James Edward has actually taken time out of his busy Holocaust denying life to AGREE with Tyree. Tyree, who he believes is not equal to him. Apparently, a broken and black clock can tell the right time at least twice a day. Even if it's broken. And black. This is what he has to say:

"Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. While I might not agree with David Tyree on anything else, on this single issue, he is absolutely right."

Yeah, he doesn't agree with him on anything else. Like his right to vote. Or drink from the same water fountain. Or to not get lynched for walking down the same side of a street as a white woman. THEY DON'T HAVE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING OKAY, JUST TO SEE THE SANCITITY IN (white on white) MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN.

To end, here are a few athletes that actually understand the reality of the LGBT community, the value of the LGBT community and the importance to share acceptance, understanding, and above all EQUALITY with the LGBT community. The "it Gets Better" campaign is one of my favorite, and I'm glad to see so many teams taking it on.

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