Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hiatus? Or just summer laziness

Hi, I know, you all miss me. I'm not dead, I haven't gotten married, and I haven't gotten arrested (yet). I'm just dicking around this summer, getting used to NYC living and working like a dog. Also, trying to get a little more promotion for the blog/book via certain avenues and trying to work on a proposal for a possible pitch for a show (don't get your hopes up, this is a hard sell ha).

I know I keep saying I'll be back, and I will. Loads to cover - Kardashian wedding, Jay Cutler peacing out of his engagement, Mike Bradley getting married and now not having nepotism from his dad for US roster spots, my dating life post DC dbag who I told I loved in a letter (yeah, long story, good times). There are loads of things I'm gearing up to detail. I just have been super lazy and have been discovering all the different margarita bars within walking distance from my apartment, so I've been neglectful. But I'm still here and once the summer lull wears off, I'll be writing again. This non-writing sitch has nothing to do with DC asshole anymore, that I can safely admit. Just laziness on my part. I know, bad excuse.

But a lot of you have been e-mailing me still with questions and stories and I've been responding, so rest assured my JC days are not yet over nor is the blog or my outlook on life. It's just getting drunk on watermelon margs on 82nd and 2nd and eating steamers at John Scott's Surf Shack on Dune Road.

How have you fuckers all been? What are you guys most looking forward to when I return from this random lull of bitchiness? Stories about athletes and celebs, or stories about how I hate the world and how men from Arlington have broken penises? What?! Come on now...

PS, I saw this picture tonight and after the Yankees beat the Redsox in epic fashion at Fenway, I thought it was appropriate.

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