Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey all-

So as summer winds to a close, I have some randomly embarrassing, big news.

For one, a new literary agent might be on the horizon. I'm currently in contact with her and waiting for her to get through the manuscript and previous publishers contacted. So that's one thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

Another thing is that I will be away for anywhere between a week and four weeks starting Wednesday. It has to do with the book (sort of) and hopefully will help push the book and get more people interested in the book/blog. I know this is super vague, but I can't really tell you guys what it is until I get back. It's a bit embarrassing but I am hoping it'll be fun and an experience and I'm hoping it will be the push I need to get the book more interest.

I won't have use of a computer or a phone while I'm away. Again, don't ask. I will have one of my buddies update you on the Facebook page as soon as I am able to clue you guys in on what's going on. I hope you guys are as excited as I am once it's announced.

Love you lots!

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  1. What fun! Are you staying at some type of Big Brother/Real World/Jersey Chasing house for some type of TV show? If so, GOOD LUCK.
    See you when you get back!