Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baseball Contributions part 1

So since he won't get around to actually writing something up until post playoffs, my anonymous, really good, big named baseball player is going to contribute by way of Facebook message.

Question posed:

Alright, so here's a late night Friday question for you - Do you think it's easier dating now that you have a serious rep and a solid career and the "fame" aspect of baseball, or was it easier to date way back when you played in the minors and were an unknown in the media?

Baseball dude's response:

It's a little easier to maintain a serious relationship when one or both people have the money to buy plane tickets. It's a little harder to figure people out when you're in the spotlight. It's a little easier to pick up babes when you can afford nice clothes, make a good impression, have a rep, etc. It's a little harder to tough out any rough patches in a new relationship when you've got so much on the line at work all the time. Drama is draining, and let's face it, work pays the bills. How's that?

My response:


This guy is relatively cool in the sense I feel like I could ask him some good, in depth shit on dating and relationships in the big leagues and I actually trust his answers, mainly because of the way he is in life (that I've read about and how he comes across in conversations). Like, he doesn't strike me as a bullshitter, and he certainly has nothing to gain by whatever he may say to me as, believe it or not, this isn't like a Stef fishing to fuck situation. I actually love his take on dating and women and groupies, and there are some other conversations that I'm hoping will be brought out when he does my "how not to be a jersey chaser" article. But I figured I'd give you guys a little bit of a pre-question beforehand.

I know it sucks that I can't say who it is, and trust me, I would LOVE to let the world know that I actually occasionally talk to dudes who are reputable and not just like, randoms ha, but I like the random conversation with him too much to blow it by outing him. I think he has a secret fascination with the blog and the humor/sex aspect of it so we have a fabulous balance of "what do you think" going on. I like it, and I don't want to fuck it up, even for the blog. But, I promise you promise you he is someone jersey chasers should take the advice from, as he is a big name in the MLB and yes, he's going to playoffs (again) this year. And he's pretty hot, I'll fuckin cop to it. And instead of posting his picture, please enjoy the picture of me and my friend Jen at a cold, rainy, shit day baseball game at Yankee Stadium earlier this summer. I know, that's no where near as good but it's the best I can do for now assholes. You're so god damn needy!

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