Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nothing says "Hump Day"... a terrifying sketch of Tim Howard left on your desk at work. I got this in text form from my bestie today when she said "someone randomly left this on my desk, I thought you'd appreciate it". Obviously I appreciate it. Who wouldn't appreciate a 1970's comic book style sketch of the tan hi-liter also known as TIMMAY HO? Also, I think whoever drew this was unaware, like majority of people (myself included before I googled him a long time ago) that Tim is half black. This picture makes him look like an albino Native American. I'm just saying.

This reminds me of a fabulously inappropriate and kind of mean rhyme an English guy once told me: "Chim chimminey, chim chimminey, chim chim charoo. My name is Tim Howard and I say FUCK YOU."

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